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Invisalign - Made to Move!

APDO Use of Tier Impression System

iTero allows us to take accurate 3d impressions, while making our treatment much more accurate and comfortable for our patients. Our doctors will use an iTero wand for about three minutes and the system will then show your teeth and gums as an instant simulation. 

Tooth Fairies Around the World

Did you know that the tooth fairy visits other countries as well? Learn more about different cultures and their forms of the tooth fairy! 

APDO Supports Arizona Mission of Mercy

APDO contributes to Arizona Mission of Mercy, which is a great event in which we are able to give back to our community by offering free dental care to those who cannot afford it.  Learn more about this great charitable event and consider making a donation!

Dr Tim Stands On One Finger!

As if our doctors weren't talented enough, in this video, Dr. Tim stands on one finger! Watch and learn about how he is able to pull off this great trick. 

Erica’s First Dental Visit 

Erica reads her new book, My First Dental Visit With Dr. Julie, written by her mom. Listen to her fun story to hear about Erica’s very first dentist visit at ADPO.  

Dr. Danielle Feeds A Baby Goat

Dr. Danielle and Dr. Tal Masserman provide fun facts about baby goats and tips for keeping a newborn’s teeth healthy!

Dr. Julie Anfinson Tap Dances

 One of our patients teaches Dr. Julie Anfinson how to tap dance. Watch them perform their routine together.