iconIcon is a new way our pediatric dentists can help stop the progression of an early cavity.   Icon penetrates into the tiny holes in tooth enamel created by acids in your mouth, then fills and reinforces the enamel, stopping the progression of the cavity.

Advantages to Icon:
  • Healthy tooth structure is preserved
  • By treating cavities early, the life expectancy of the tooth can be prolonged
  • The restorative treatment does not require drilling the tooth or the numbing procedure

Here’s how the treatment works…

Early stage cavities between the teeth are detected using x-rays.  To treat these with Icon, our dentists first use a special tool to slightly separate the teeth.  The affected tooth will be gently and painlessly prepared with a gel.  Our dentists then use an ultra-thin applicator to fill the early cavity with Icon.

For cavities on the smooth surface of the tooth, that often appear as chalky white spots,
Icon provides an easy cosmetic treatment.  White spots treated with Icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel, restoring the natural look of the tooth.  See images below:


However, Icon is only appropriate for treating cavities in early stages.  Cavities that have progressed beyond the early stage will need a conventional filling or other treatment.

Check out this link from “Dentistry Today” that shows just a few of the patients we’ve treated with Icon 
Don’t forget to ask us if you are a candidate for treatment with Icon.