iTero Scanner

itero scanner
Braces & Invisalign for Adults in Scottsdale & North Phoenix AZ

At Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we believe in providing innovative braces and clear aligner treatment options and personalized care for children, teens, and adults in a comfortable atmosphere. This is why we choose to use the latest developments in technology, such as iTero scanners, for a more accurate and comfortable orthodontic experience in Scottsdale and North Phoenix, AZ.

What Is iTero?

The  iTero scanner is a state-of-the-art machine used to form digital impressions for the creation of customized orthodontic appliances. We use the machine to take three-dimensional images of a patient’s teeth and bite using a small camera that we move around the mouth. This allows us to more accurately form a plan for treatment and meet the orthodontic goals of each individual. These images are also an easy way for us to show and explain tooth and bite issues as well as treatment options.

Benefits of Digital Scans

Digital impressions are much different than the traditional putty and bulky trays used to form impressions previously. The scanner is more efficient and comfortable for patients, and it takes more accurate images for the doctors. This also allows us to create customized treatment plans and appliances, such as Adult Invisalign and Teen Invisalign trays that are accurately contoured for the most effective results. Digital images also allow patients to immediately visualize the before and after differences of treatment.


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