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APDO Scottsdale orthodontics team We get it. Orthodontic treatment is usually not something you budgeted for. And, oftentimes, those who seek braces or Invisalign treatments do not have a medical necessity for the fix. However, at Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics (APDO), we understand the many, many underlying benefits that having a beautiful, healthy, straight smile can bring. And, our staff of caring, skilled professionals is committed to serving all patients of Scottsdale, Shea and Grayhawk. So, whether your orthodontic treatment is medically necessary or not, our staff of financial experts are going to work with you to help calm your anxieties about how to pay for braces or other treatment.

How to Pay for Braces

Our APDO business staff will work with you to develop a financial plan for the orthodontic treatment you need that will fit within your budget. We can set up automatic deductions from your credit card or bank account and also offer a convenient, secure online payment portal.

  • Insurance. APDO accepts most major dental insurances. You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your insurance coverage. Our staff will file claims on your behalf and work with your insurance company to make sure that you and your children are receiving the maximum benefits allowed by your insurance company.

  • Health Savings or Flex Spending Account. If you utilize one of these specialized health accounts, we will work with you to access those funds and follow the guidelines they require.

  • No-Interest Financing.  In some instances, APDO is able to finance your orthodontic treatment and will work with you to set up a plan and payment schedule that can work within your budget.

  • Up-Front Discounts. We offer a discount for patients who are able to pay in full at the beginning of their braces or Invisalign treatment.

  • Credit Cards. APDO accepts all major credit cards for payment of orthodontics.

  • Cash/Checks. Of course, APDO will gladly accept your cash, check or money order.


No-cost braces consultation

Your initial orthodontic exam with Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Feinberg or Dr. Masserman is complimentary, regardless of which payment method you choose. Our orthodontist will examine your teeth and determine the extent and type of treatment that is needed. We always communicate the treatment costs and develop a payment plan prior to beginning any treatment. APDO’s orthodontists are experts at providing quality treatments including:

Traditional Metal Braces

Clear Braces


Invisalign Teen

Early (Children’s) Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Sure Smile

No matter what your situation, APDO will work with you and your insurer to help you get the best coverage possible – so you can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile in a way that makes sense for your budget.

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Don’t wait any longer to invest in your future by correcting any orthodontic challenges and creating that stunning that will make you feel your best. Call APDO at (480) 949-0332 in the Grayhawk area or (480) 556-0600 in the Scottsdale and Shea areas to set up your free consultation with one of our friendly, experienced orthodontists. We will be happy to discuss your situation and develop an individualized plan to get you started. Call today!