Oral Hygiene

The orthodontists and staff at APDO are delighted that you have started your journey to a more beautiful smile with braces. We want you to have the very best experience during your treatment. To make that happen, we want you to understand how important it is to maintain good oral hygiene with your braces. The wires, bands, and other appliances associated with your braces treatment can trap food particles and make it challenging to brush or floss away the dangerous plaque. That’s why it’s more important than ever to brush and floss more often - after every meal and snack, if possible. We want you to have healthy gums and eliminate the plaque that can cause tooth decay.

brush3Brushing with Braces

If you’re one of those people who is used to only brushing once or twice a day, we hope you change that habit once your braces are on. Infrequent brushing can cause plaque to build up and lead to cavities and scarring of your teeth. We recommend you brush your teeth four times each day fend off those pesky food particles that want to gather on your teeth and braces. The recommended brushing times are: in the morning after breakfast; after lunch or right after school; after dinner; at bedtime. 

floss2Take Up Flossing

Whether you have always flossed your teeth or you’re new to the technique, flossing is an important addition to good oral hygiene - especially with braces. It may take a little more care and patience to floss around your braces and wires, but we recommend you take on the challenge and floss every night before bed. You can use a reusable floss threader to slide up and down under your archwire between the teeth. Be careful that you don’t put too much pressure on your appliances. 

rinseRinse with Mouthwash

To help ward off infection and reduce irritation that could develop from your braces, we recommend using a hydrogen peroxide antiseptic mouth rinse up to four times a day after you brush. A mouth rinse like this can also help any irritation caused by your braces or any cheek bites, canker sores or other gum tenderness. 

interdentalClean Deeper With An Interdental Toothbrush

You can clean hard-to-reach places between your teeth, under your archwires and around your braces by using an interdental brush. This type of brush can sometimes be an alternative to flossing when used gently to avoid any damage to your wires or gums.  

Add Topical Fluoride


Besides daily brushing and flossing, you can get even more protection from tooth decay by applying a small amount of sodium fluoride before bed. This gel can kill bacteria and replenish the minerals in your tooth enamel that may have been removed by harmful acids. About a minute on your teeth will do the trick, the spit it out and don’t drink or eat for 30 minutes.  


How To Clean Your Orthodontic Appliance


To keep your removable appliance clean and free of germs, food particles and plaque, you should brush and soak your appliance daily. You can use a denture-cleaning tablet in water to soak your appliance each day.

Call APDO Today With Questions

We hope you will utilize these procedures to keep your braces and removable appliances clean and your teeth healthy. If you ever have any questions about how to take care of your braces or Invisalign aligners, don’t hesitate to contact us . You can also use our online appointment scheduler to make your next appointment at one of our Scottsdale office locations.