Exclusive Membership

Be a Part of APDO’s Exclusive Membership 


APDO-Membership-largerWith so many changes to healthcare it can be difficult to navigate the world of dental insurance.

That is why we at APDO designed our exclusive membership with your family in mind.

Membership starts as low as $34 a month and include cleanings, exams, fluoride, x-rays, and discounted dental services (including cosmetic dentistry and whitening!)

JOIN now and receive a 10% credit towards orthodontic treatment for each member. (Must participate in the membership plan throughout orthodontic treatment)

Call us today to start your enrollment for January 1!

What is APDO’s Exclusive Membership?

APDO’s exclusive membership is a subscription, in which, the patient or responsible party directly pays the dental providers for the services outlined in the Membership Plan.

What is included in my  Membership?

  1. Dental Membership Services:
    • Initial Comprehensive Dental Exam
    • Complete set of Radiographs
    • Two Periodic Exams (6 months apart)
    • Two Prophylactic Dental Cleanings
    • Two Oral Cancer Screenings
    • Two Fluoride Treatments
  2. Follow Up Care Technology Services:
    • SMS
    • Text Messaging for Medical Questions and Medical Direction
    • Email Messaging
  3. Promotional Services:
    • $500 Orthodontic Credit
      (Must be currently enrolled in ADPO's Membership to use the credit.)
    • 15% off all other Diagnostic and X-Ray Films
    • 15% off all Restorative Dental Care
    • 15% off all Cosmetic Care Products
    • 15% off all Nitrous Oxide and Moderate Sedation

What is not included in my Membership?

Services not included are: ongoing treatment with Major Surgeries, Minor Surgeries, Dental implants, Anesthesiology Fees and Medication.

What if my child needs additional dental work or care beyond the Membership Plan?

We will outline the services needed with pricing and give a total cost of dental work. There will never be any hidden fees or surprise costs.

Can I use my Dental Insurance to pay for additional services?

No, the Membership functions as its own care plan. Therefore, you cannot use your insurance to pay for additional services not covered by the membership. We offer a 15% discount on additional diagnostic and x-ray films, restorative dental care, cosmetic care products, nitrous oxide and mild sedation.

Can I make payments for additional services that may be needed?

Please speak to our staff to arrange payment options.

Why should I enroll in APDO's Exclusive Membership?

You should enroll in APDO's Membership because of the affordability, convenience, value and flexibility the plan offers to you and your family. We are also offering an Orthodontic Credit as a thank you for signing up.

How much does the Membership cost?

Membership begins at $34 dollars per month, per child for children ages 0-14. Children ages 14 and up plans are $44 per month, per child. A one-time Dental Assessment and Enrollment Fee of $99 is due at the time of sign up for each child.  (If you cancel your Membership and choose to re-enroll at a later time, Dental Assessment and Enrollment Fees will be due.) Your first month’s fees and Dental Assessment Fees are due at the time of sign up.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for my  Membership?

No, you cannot use HSA to pay for Membership.

How does enrollment in  Membership apply to my taxes?

Please ask your accountant or financial professional how  Membership may, if at all, apply to taxes.

Can my Membership be cancelled?

We reserve the right to cancel your membership due to non-payment, or expired cards back payment owed to APDO, or other reasons resulting in membership cancellation or termination. Your Orthodontic Credit will be voided at the time of cancellation.

What if I decide to cancel my Membership?

If you decide to cancel, please notify our office immediately of your intent to do so. Cancellation forms can be emailed to you and must be signed and submitted before the next scheduled transaction. There are no refunds if you cancel after your transaction has occurred. Your service will continue for the duration of the month of cancellation. For example: If you cancel on the 2nd of the month, and have paid, your enrollment will continue through that month and terminate on the last day of that month. Additionally, if you have received a promotional Orthodontic Credit, and are not currently a member, your Orthodontic Credit is void.

What if I would like to re-enroll in APDO's Exclusive Membership?

To re-enroll in the Membership, you will need to fill out all forms pertaining to APDO Membership. Additionally, you will need to pay the Dental Assessment and Enrollment Fees of $99 per child. Your Dental Assessment and Enrollment Fees and 1st month payment is due at the time of re-enrollment.

What is the Orthodontic Credit, and how do I use it?

The Orthodontic Credit is used as a promotional gift to thank you for your enrollment in APDO's Exclusive Membership. To use your credit, you must currently be enrolled in our  Membership and have no outstanding fees due to our office. The Orthodontic Credit is only good at our participating offices and may only be used once, per member. Your Orthodontic Credit is dated as the same date of your enrollment. We reserve the right to change, alter, cancel, terminate or void this credit as necessary. The Orthodontic Credit is not redeemable for cash, or for any other purposes other than a credit towards APDO orthodontia work.

Do I get one Orthodontic Credit per member enrolled or per Membership?

You receive one Orthodontic Credit per member enrolled. If you have 2 children enrolled in our  Membership, you will receive 2 Orthodontic Credits. Only one credit may be used per child. We reserve the right to change, alter, cancel, terminate or void this credit as necessary. The Orthodontic Credit is not redeemable for cash, or for any other purposes other than a credit towards APDO orthodontic treatment.

* APDO's Exclusive Membership is not insurance. This is our official statement:

It is APDO’s responsibility to inform you that, the Exclusive Membership is not insurance, “The organization (Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics) facilitating the Membership is not an insurance company and the Membership guidelines and plan operation are not an insurance policy. Participation in the membership or a subscription to any of its documents should not be considered to be insurance. Regardless of whether you receive treatment for medical issues through the Membership, you are always personally responsible for the payment of any additional medical expenses you may incur.”