Are You Happy With Your Smile

Are You Happy With Your Smile
Posted on 06/27/2019
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APDO Scottsdale Adult Orthodontic Patient

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you for the first time. It’s the first thing you notice when you look at a picture of yourself. Our smile experts want to know…Are you happy with your smile?  At Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics (APDO), our Scottsdale
orthodontists want nothing more than to get you to the point where you can answer with a resounding “Yes!” We provide innovative orthodontic treatments for children, adolescents, and adults throughout Scottsdale and the North Phoenix area. Working together, we believe it is never too late to work towards the smile of your dreams.

The Perfect Smile

What would it take to make you happy with your smile? At your first visit, your Scottsdale orthodontist will discuss your current orthodontic needs and your goals for your smile. There are several elements of a smile that make up the “perfect smile.” 

  • Alignment

    • When you have either an overbite or underbite, it causes both physical difficulties and cosmetic problems. Orthodontic treatment can correct alignment for a more natural, healthy smile.

  • Gap-Free

    • A healthy smile has teeth close together, without crowding or awkward-looking gaps. Various braces options can close those gaps for an uninterrupted smile.

  • Whiteness

    • One of the more popular characteristics of a good smile is lack of discoloration. You can keep your health looking shiny and new during the braces process by maintaining a rigorous oral hygiene routine. 

Adult Braces 

Many adults are hesitant to correct their orthodontic problems due to worries about the social impact of wearing braces. Your Scottsdale orthodontist will work with you to select the most discreet adult braces option for your individual needs.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces, the most traditional type of braces, include metal brackets and archwires that gradually move your teeth into the correct position. Metal braces are advantageous because they are smaller, lightweight, and more durable than some other braces options.

Clear Braces

Although similar in function to the metal braces, clear braces use brackets made from a ceramic material. This allows them to blend in more naturally with the color of your teeth. While clear braces are less noticeable, making them a popular choice among the adult braces options, they are more fragile than the metal braces alternative.

Scottsdale Invisalign®

Scottsdale Invisalign replaces brackets and wires with a series of clear, removable plastic aligners. The pressure from the customized aligners gradually repairs most of the orthodontic issues that are more noticeable in your smile.


SureSmile technology creates more efficient and effective archwires, resulting in reduced treatment time. This means you can get the smile of your dreams and move into the retention stage more rapidly than with our other adult braces options. 

Visit Your Scottsdale Orthodontist

We know that taking that first step towards correcting your smile can be intimidating. Nevertheless, by consulting with our Scottsdale orthodontists at APDO, you are joining forces with adult braces experts. If you have more questions about the braces process or our other orthodontic treatments, please contact us! You can request an appointment online or stop by one of our Scottsdale Orthodontic offices. We look forward to seeing you smile!