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Joining The APDO Family
Posted on 11/29/2017
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Joining The APDO Family

Many workplaces claim it, but at Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, it shines through like sunshine on a cloudy day. Family. That bright, welcoming feeling of acceptance without limitations. Of knowing that there are people who always, always have your back. Of knowing that you have people to share the best times and worst times with, and that the mere sharing of either will make things better.

Gramma-BarbI have the best job in town! I love the practice, the doctors, the patients and parents! We have the best patients in Arizona,” Gramma Barb said.

Creating a workplace culture takes time, determination, and a purposeful plan of execution. But APDO makes it look easy. And they welcome their patients into that same close knit family. It’s what makes people come back and refer their friends. It’s what results in the many awards APDO receives year after year as the top dentists and orthodontists in the Phoenix area.

What does joining the APDO family really look like? Here are the top seven characteristics that you’ll find when you join the APDO family.


1. Commitment To The APDO Family

Committing to something individually or as a family means you do what you say. At APDO, we are committed to each other and our patients. We don’t give up on each other. Ever. We are there when needed and trust each other to follow through on our word. The strong bond of loyalty bands us together as co-workers and with our patients - young and old.

“I work with the best team and the most amazing patients and families!” Dr. Danielle said.


Mel-Kristin 2. Working As A Team

Successful practices like APDO value the time they spend together in the office. They work together with patients as a team. When a patient begins braces treatment, there is a team working with that patient to ensure success, whatever it takes. Family events and occasions are important and celebrated.

I have been a hygienist in the practice for 33 years and it’s been a great pleasure watching our patients grow up,” Melody said. “Now some former patients are bringing their children here!”

Pediatric dentists, orthodontists, hygienists, office staff, patients and their parents all feel like they are important to APDO and their contributions are recognized by everyone else.  

 3. Communicating Effectively

The APDO family members communicate with each other. They take time to listen to each other and understand concerns - from those of fellow staff members to those of our youngest pediatric dental patients.The feelings of others are important to them.


4. Resolving Challenges Constructively & Quickly

Ask any loving family and they’ll tell you that they still have challenges. But their challenges, and the way they handle them, are part of their strength. Same with APDO. The doctors and staff are able to deal with challenges in a positive manner. When difficult times are upon them, either personally or professionally, they unite instead of separate.

“My job is so rewarding – to be able to work with a variety of patients with different needs is so rewarding,” Kristen said. “I enjoy every moment!”


5. Maintaining A Positive Outlook

At APDO, we recognize that strong families are positive families and that is a choice that each person makes. As  children dentists  and orthodontist, we make it our mission to promote happiness and a positive well-being. We focus on the positive aspects of any situation and help each other shed any negative outlook. We choose joy and encourage others to do the same.


6. Appreciating Individual Talents

JanineIn strong families, members share an abundance of appreciation for each other. They look for the best qualities in each other. At APDO, there is no shortage of talents to appreciate, with some of the most qualified, trained and highly skilled orthodontists, dentists and team in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas.

“I love that my job challenges me every day in different ways and I can have fun doing it,” Janine said.

Our dynamic team of doctors is comprised of four pediatric dentists and three orthodontic specialists.



7. Never Forgetting Family Fun


The strongest families spend time together. Not because they have to or feel obligated, but because they legitimately love being together. While APDO doctors, staff, and patients are actually forced together by nature of their work and the services they provide, they don’t mind being there. They make work fun. And, while many have families of their own, the APDO offices in Scottsdale are like a second home.  And, APDO engages their extended families with fun family-friendly office gatherings outside of work to solidify those family bonds.


Ready To Be Part Of The APDO Family? Call Now!

“Friends are the family you choose,” according to one saying. At APDO, we surround ourselves with the highest quality professionals and people that make it a joy to go to work every day. And we have the joyous opportunity to meet and greet every patient at the door and work together to meet his or her dental or orthodontic needs. These are our co-workers, our friends, our family.  Won’t you join us? Call 480-949-0332 or 480-556-0600 and make your appointment today.