SureSmile 3D Technology

SureSmile 3D Technology
Posted on 11/14/2018

SureSmile example3D Imaging has become a very popular diagnostic aid in the orthodontic profession.  This technology has allowed us to accurately visualize teeth and their relationship to the surrounding bone. Vi­sualization is only part of the equation: The real benefit is to be able to use these diagnostic aids to help guide treatment.

SureSmile® is the only comprehensive system that blends the best diagnostics available with accurately prescribed thera­peutics. SureSmile technology provides the practitioner with the tools needed to treat patients with greater efficiency and accuracy. 

Patient KD will serve as an example of how 3D imaging, along with SureSmile technology, can improve treatment results for our patients. 

More accurate diagnosis. Better treat­ment results. 

Click here to view PDF with the full case study and results.