The Dangerous Truth Behind Online Braces

The Dangerous Truth Behind Online Braces
Posted on 04/17/2018
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Why Low Cost & Convenience Can’t Create A Perfect Smile

Online braces, the newest treatment option available to those seeking a straighter smile, continues to gain popularity as an alternative to traditional orthodontic care. What started out as a few, small programs has exploded into countless new companies offering orthodontic care that you can complete without the need for an office visit, and at a fraction of the cost of what you would get with an orthodontist. Unfortunately, that lower price point and at-home convenience comes at a greater cost to the health of your smile than those programs would have you believe.

What Is Online Braces Treatment Like? 

True to their word, online braces programs don’t require that you go into an office even once. Once you sign up, you’ll get something called an “impression kit” mailed to you, which contains a set of dental trays, special dental putty, and a set of instructions. Once you take your own impressions, you send them back to the provider, who will use those impressions to create sets of aligners that will be mailed to you once they’re completed. They’ll continue to send you new sets that you will switch out every few weeks until your treatment is completed.

What Makes Online Braces Dangerous?

Online braces programs want to make the entire orthodontic process simpler, which they do, but as a result they are missing numerous important components of what makes truly effective orthodontic treatment. With at-home orthodontics, the main issues that you’ll have to deal with include:
  • No Professional Insight & Guidance - If you ever have a question about your treatment or an issue with any of your aligners, there is no professional that you can go to or call for help. You’re very much on your own, and having problems that are not fixed right away or fixed incorrectly can extend the overall length of your treatment. 

  • No Precision - Even if you follow the instructions perfectly, the chances of you making a mistake when taking your own impressions versus a trained professional are a lot higher, which is a lot of risk since your entire treatment is based on those impressions. If you did happen to make a mistake, your aligners will not fit as perfectly as they should, leading to increased discomfort for the entirety of your treatment. 

  • No Treatment For The Jaw - When your orthodontist takes x-rays and scans before you start your treatment, they’re not just looking at your teeth, but the supporting jaw bone too. Orthodontists offer corrective jaw treatment before patients get braces or aligners if they need it, since the alignment of the jaw has a huge impact on the health of your bite and smile. Since online braces programs do not treat jaw problems, patients are at greater risk of developing more serious dental and orthodontic issues in the future that require treatment. 

In the end, the time and money that you save at the beginning of treatment is added on later in the form of pain and discomfort during treatment, an a smile that is not as healthy and strong as it should be. This results in needing more costly dental and orthodontic treatments down the road. 

Why Should You Choose An Orthodontist Over Online Braces?

When you think about getting your new smile, just remember that your orthodontist has the title of “Doctor” for a reason. They go through years of education and training before they can start practicing and offer treatment because orthodontics requires knowledge and precision to produce a perfect, healthy smile. While at-home orthodontics does sound convenient and could be cheaper, orthodontic care is just not something that anyone can do. If you’re still not sure if online braces is for you, just ask yourself this: If you needed surgery for any part of your body, would you rather go to a doctor or get a do-it-yourself kit to try at home? If you would rather put your treatment is the trained hands of a doctor, than choose a professional orthodontist for creating your new smile.

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