Before & After


If you notice that your child’s tooth is turning a different color, it might mean that the tooth sustained some sort of injury. A noticeable discoloration may occur 2 to 3 weeks after the original accident. Typically, a traumatized tooth turns gray, purple, or yellow though it may take on a pinkish hue. Damaged baby teeth can slowly lighten on their own after several months. But it’s important to have a dentist evaluate the tooth and determine if treatment is needed. If a permanent tooth starts to change color that usually means the tooth is dying and further dental treatment will be necessary.

The picture above is showing lateral incisors which are smaller and appear undersized when compared to their neighbors. These teeth are called peg laterals. This is a common occurrence and simply means that the permanent tooth developed in a smaller size. This can be fixed by having the tooth bonded.

ICON is a new technology that allows a more conservative approach to treating cavities. Before ICON, a filling would have to be placed after numbing and drilling. Now, a resin can be applied to a cavity to arrest its growth. Not all cavities can be treated with ICON; it works best on small lesions. No drilling, no numbing, no pain, just beautiful teeth.