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Pediatric-Dentist-First-Visit-ScottsdaleWe are so excited that you have chosen Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for your children’s comprehensive dental care. Our team of pediatric dental specialists are the best in the Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley areas, and with two convenient locations, you will find your new dental home quickly and easily. We recommend that your child have their first appointment within six weeks of his or her first tooth breaking through, or by their first birthday.


A Children's Dentistry Office To Call Home

When you walk into our beautifully decorated office, full of kid-friendly furniture, games, books, and toys, you and your child will feel at home. Your child is welcome to enjoy Disney movies and video games while they wait, or climb in the tree house. Parents are free to sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee or connect to the internet via our free Wi-Fi. Our friendly doctors and staff are trained to work with you and your child to form a special bond that will last throughout their years. We are always willing to answer all of your questions while we monitor your child’s growth and development. We will accentuate the importance of good oral health, treat their dental challenges, and provide a trusted place in times of dental emergencies.

Your child’s first visit by one-year-old will allow us to begin this special relationship by introducing them to our dental team and discussing with you proper infant oral health. We will start early to teach you and your child the lifelong dental habits you need to prevent tooth decay and maintain a healthy mouth.

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Children Age 1 & Under's First Dental Visit

Scottsdale-Pediatric-Dentist-First-VisitWhen you and your young one arrive at one of our Scottsdale offices, you’ll be greeted by our new patient coordinator and escorted to a private room where we can get to know you both. Our coordinator will talk to you about your expectations and answer any questions you might have about the appointment, our services or how to care for your child’s teeth. Then, you will meet with one of our board certified pediatric dental specialistsAfter going through your questions, the doctor will review how teeth grow and develop and discuss any information about your child’s feeding or other oral habits, such as use of a pacifier, or sucking a thumb or finger. With you holding your child, the doctor will perform an oral screening and then talk over best practices for good oral hygiene. 

First Visit for Children Older than 1

The first dental visit begins when our new patient coordinator greets you and your child and escorts you to a private room where we can get to know you both. After reviewing your needs and questions, she will introduce you to the doctor. While the doctor and parent are talking, the specially-trained coordinator will take your child to get a toothbrush and begin the visit. The coordinator will begin "show and tell" with all our dental instruments. We encourage the child to actively participate in the visit by asking questions about school or daycare, hobbies, friends or anything special they would like to share with us. Parents are encouraged to "sneak-a-peek" during the visit - seeing is believing! Mom and Dad are usually amazed how wonderful their children listen and behave during the visit. Occasionally, a child may cry during some part of the visit. This is normal behavior and usually the child will work their way through it with our compassionate coaxing.

The first visit consists of a complete dental exam and cleaning. This includes checking for cavities, gum disease, checking the bite for correct alignment of the jaws and checking the development of the teeth. X-rays will be taken based on the needs of your child. The appointment also includes a final consultation to address any further questions or necessary dental treatment. Every appointment ends with a special photo of your child with the doctor and a trip to the toy tower for a job well done!

While at our office, your child is welcome to enjoy Disney movies, video games or climb in the tree house. Parents are free to sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of coffee or connect to the internet via our free Wi-Fi.

What You Can Do to Make Your Child's First Visit Enjoyable and Positive

We take pride in providing your child a productive, enjoyable experience during their visits to our office. You can help prepare your child for their dental visits by: 

  • Discussing the visit using positive language and enthusiasm, making it exciting for your child. Make it a special occasion by allowing your child to choose his or her own clothes for the visit, and brushing especially well so that they can “show off” their teeth to the dentist. 
  • Explaining how the visit will work and what we will do during the visit. Let them know that we will simply count, brush and then take pictures of their teeth so your child will understand. Often you can find videos or books on the subject and expose them to your child. 
  • Not being anxious about your child’s appointment. Your child will know if you are not relaxed and at ease.  
  • Not using “scary” language when talking about your visit to the dentist, such as words like hurt, drill or shot. We work to use words that let the child know what we are doing, but they are less frightening.

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Contact Us To Schedule Your Child's First Dental Visit

If it’s time for your child in the Scottsdale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley areas to have his or her first appointment, you can trust the pediatric professionals at Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics to make it a great experience. See what other patients say about our fantastic staff. Then, contact one of our offices today and make your first appointment. You will be happy that you selected us for the comprehensive dental care your child needs.