Scottsdale & North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry for Every Child

At Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, our dentists believe a bright and healthy smile is your child's right. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to help the children of North Phoenix and Scottsdale grow up with healthy teeth and oral hygiene habits that they'll carry for a lifetime.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Treatment Options

Our Scottsdale pediatric dentistry practice believes in meeting your child’s unique needs and we offer a holistic approach to achieve wholesome dental health.To achieve this, we provide an array of pediatric dentistry treatments for our Scottsdale & North Phoenix patients. These include:

  • Child dental health examinations such as assessing risk
  • Preventive dental care that includes cleanups and fluoride treatment
  • Nutritional advice and recommendation
  • Habit counseling that helps kids to use pacifiers and stop sucking their thumbs
  • Timely assessments and treatments that straighten teeth and correct improper bites
  • Tooth cavity and defect repairs
  • Management of gum infections like ulcers
  • Care and management of dental injuries such as fractures, displacements, or breakages

How Does Our Pediatric Dentistry Practice Benefit Your Child?

As a leading Scottsdale pediatric dentist practice, we believe mere services without defined child benefits are useless. Therefore, we approach all our solutions with your child's long-term benefit in mind. Some of the benefits of using our practice include:

We Help Your Child Build Good Personal Dental Hygiene Habits

All habits are powerful. Therefore, we instill good dental hygiene habits in your child at an early stage in life. This way, your little one will grow with deeply rooted habits and consciousness of the benefits of good oral health and hygiene.

Fear Elimination

All habits, good or bad, have long-term effects on your baby. The fear of dentists is an example of one such habit. Consequently, children can grow to dislike and avoid care that they need. Fortunately, we care for your children in a manner that creates a comfortable environment allowing them to be at ease while at the dentist's office. They grow knowing that their pediatric is a valuable partner in good dental health, and not someone to fear.

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Our pediatric dentistry treatments help your child enjoy a clean and healthy mouth. By bringing them to our offices regularly, we can monitor their teeth to detect any possible problem and eliminate it before it escalates.

Decay Prevention

Tooth decay is one of the leading dental problems children suffer from. By connecting your child to our pediatric dentists, they can detect tooth decay signs and stages early. Consequently, we treat them on time.

Why Choose Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry Over the Rest?

  • APDO is a local solution provider that has been serving Scottsdale and North Phoenix communities for over three decades. Therefore, we have a generation of understanding and affinity with our community
  • All our specialists are board-certified
  • We treat your children as our own because we are also parents
  • We handle your child with skilled hands but above all, compassionate hearts

Get In Touch With Your Scottsdale and North Phoenix Pediatric Dentist

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Scottsdale or North Phoenix to help your child to grow up with a bright smile and a healthy mouth, contact us today to book your child's next appointment!